Q: I think my child needs therapy. What's my first step?

A: You are in good hands! ASL provides comprehensive, honest, evidenced-based assessments to determine whether your child would benefit from speech and language intervention. The first step is to contact Jacqueline through email or by phone to discuss your concerns and to schedule an assessment. An assessment will generate formal scores that will compare your child's abilities to same aged peers as well as specific, measurable goals that will drive treatment. 

Q: Where does therapy take place?

A: Andrews Speech and Language provides home based speech therapy services in the family's home. We work around your schedule and perform therapy from within the comfort of your own home. Depending on the child's age, floor space or a table may be needed to facilitate therapy activities. 

Q: How are parents involved in therapy?

A: Parents are encouraged to observe and participate in therapy in order to facilitate skills outside of therapy time. Parent consultation is built into each session.

Q: How long or frequent are your sessions?

A: Session length times include 45 minutes (40 minutes of direct therapy time, 5 minutes of parent consultation) or 60 minutes (50 minutes of direct therapy time, 10 minutes of parent consultation). Sessions take place at least once per week, but recommended frequency times may vary based on the child's needs. 

For clients who live outside the North County area, ASL offers a monthly service delivery model, which includes a 1 hour session [50 minutes direct therapy, 10 minutes of parent consult]; a homework packet to do throughout the month; and 3, 15 minute Facetime/Skype or phone calls (1 each week) to check in, answer questions, discuss homework, etc. 

Q: Does ASL take insurance? 

A: ASL does not currently take insurance plans. We are a private pay company, but will be able to provide codes for each treatment session that are recognized by insurance companies in case you seek reimbursement. ASL is currently a vendor for the San Diego Regional Center and provides assessment and therapy services for those clients. Please contact your case manager if you are interested in ASL providing early intervention services for your child.